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It has been two years since I started writing this bike blog. I have written 180-something entries in the “daily miles” category, which are just regular rides from here to there, and more than 100 other blog entries that include bike taxi rides, maintenance entries, and other entries that are just about biking in general, not about my riding.

Actually, there are still some entries in my old format that need to be converted, so there are probably more than 200 blog entries in the “daily miles” category.

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So how have I done, in my own opinion? Not enough riding. To be blunt, I hate that I drive my car as often as I do, but I do it for what seem like reasonable excuses. But ultimately, I want to get rid of my car and just ride my bike or the bus.

So why don’t I? Well, there are reasons and there are reasons. (Reason #1) Sometimes I just don’t get up when the alarm first goes off, and by the time I’m done hitting the snooze alarm for the last time, it’s too late to catch a bus or ride my bike and still get to work on time, so I end up driving. So, reason # 1 is a bad reason. I should be able to reduce the number of days I drive a car just by following a better sleep schedule and getting up on time. (Reason #2) There is no Reason #2. Seriously. If I really wanted to, I could take the bus or my bike every day. The only trouble with the bus is that it takes so long (because in order to catch my transfer, I have to wait at the bus station for a while), and sometimes I have to go right from Job #1 to Job #2.

So is this a “new year’s resolution”? I don’t think so, but I have to tell you something else. This blog actually gets me to ride on some days when I don’t feel like riding, because I feel that I owe the blog something, that if I want to have regular readers, I have to make regular entries.

So what is your story?

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