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sigh…I miss bicycling

I used to bike to work as often as I could, and for one whole winter, I made a point of biking to work at least once every week. The following winter, I tried to bike to work at least once every month, but I didn’t make it. As much as I insist that it’s the best way for me to get to work, there are schedule constraints to accommodate, and I just can’t pedal as fast as a car goes.

Sigh. I hardly ever bike now. I’ve only biked to my new job once (and that technically wasn’t even a choice FOR bicycling, it was because I let Valerie use my minivan when her car was getting new brakes).

photo of bicycle on blue bike rack in Buffalo, NYBut apparently, the loss of my bike from the city streets isn’t part of the trend, because there are lots and lots of cyclo-commuters riding in Buffalo, as noted in this article in the Buffalo News.

But the real blow to my whole cyclo-persona is that last year, for the first time in several years, I didn’t take my annual birthday-ride-to-Niagara-Falls, and it looks bad for doing that this year. What’s a bicycle nut when he doesn’t ride any more? Just a nut.

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