make your own canoe trailer to pull behind a bike

how to make a canoe trailer for your bike

I made a trailer to pull our canoe behind my bike.

Unfortunately, it took longer to put it together than I expected, so we didn’t actually go canoeing.

Here’s how I did it: make your own canoe trailer to pull behind a bike

Here’s a quote from the “suggestions” page I wrote after I was done.

What I learned from this project is that, while you can build just about anything with scrap wood if you can manage to fit it into your project, sometimes it is better to purchase new wood and follow a design for the project you’re doing.

If this hitch breaks, or if I decide to redo it just because, then I’ll definitely do it differently. You can see in the photo in Step 10 that there are several smaller pieces of wood attached to each other. Based on my experience with this so far, a better design would be to use pieces of plywood instead.

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