ride to the park/around the neighborhood

Today I took my first non-bike taxi ride in a while, as I finally finished my new garage door installation and was able to remove our bikes from the garage. My oldest son and I rode down to the park and then around the neighborhood for a few blocks. We passed one yard-sale sign that said “Everything 50 cents”, but we didn’t stop.

I rode my old steel-frame mountain bike that you may recall from an earlier post has no way to change gears, since I took off the deraileurs that had rusted in place. The brakes aren’t very effective right now, so before I take any seriously long ride, I’ll take a look at them and see what needs to be done.

Tonight after supper I hope to have time to finally fix the back wheel of my commuter bike so I can start riding it back and forth to work again. I’m so sick of driving a car!

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